Cheeto is getting big (and crazy)

2017-10-02 18.58.23

My little Cheeto is getting so big. She finally has all her shots and has completely adapted to our family life. Her energy level is still completely out of control and she still does not understand that her nails hurt when she uses them. She still has a bit of a food problem that when she smells any kind of meat she tries to get it in any way possible. She has stopped growling and hissing when she eats wet food and has actually been okay sharing food with mordechai.

2017-06-14 16.11.18

She also has a hard time sleeping when we are. I can’t wait until she mellows out a bit more, so I don’t have to spend hours playing with her just to get her a little tired. She seriously has boundless energy. I don’t remember Mordechai being this crazy.



Mordechai and Cheeto

2017-05-15 14.13.26

So far Mordechai has adapted well to having another cat in the house, maybe it’s easier with a kitten, but Mordechai has often been an easy going cat (as long as I don’t look at the vet visit bills). Except for the occasional hissing when Cheeto bites his ear when he’s sleeping and him playing a bit too rough (this will be his first playmate since he scares tesla so she doesn’t play with him.

He does like to clean up after her, cleaning her face after she eats, making sure all her potty breaks are covered in the litter box and eating the rest of her food when she doesn’t finish. I actually think he’s enjoying the fact that there is another cat in the household. I think he’s just waiting for her energy to die down.


How Cheeto Is Adjusting


2017-05-14 17.55.54

So far Cheeto is adjusting really well in her new home, We has yet to have any bathroom accidents and while we are currently teaching her it is not polite to climb up people while they are eating everything seems super well. Her favorite place to see is apparently in our bed because when we don’t see her we immediately know where she would be, although we have to be careful because she is ridiculous small buried under our comforter. I’ll post another update with how the other pets are adjusting to having a new sister soon.


Meet Cheeto Our soon to be Foster Failure

2017-05-10 12.19.53

Is it really a foster failure if it’s planned? Currently Cheeto is 7 weeks old and learning to live with a grouchy Mordechai and hovering Tesla. So far she enjoys cuddling and exploring her new house. Cheeto was given to the Humane Society with a her two other sisters and her mama, though her mama did reject the babies. She was bottle fed for all of her life and is the smallest of her lot. He fits right into the palm of my husbands hands. I fell in love with her since the first time I saw her and immediately applied to foster with the intention of adopting.


Mordechai’s Chair

Upon moving we have acquired two red retro fabric chairs. I fell in love with them at first sight. I was not the only one

. 2016-12-13 19.42.26 

He’s there everyday basking in the sun since it is right by the floor to ceiling windows in our living room. It’s almost as if that little spot is perfect for him as he fits so perfectly in the center. It also seems that no matter how much we clean it there is always fur right in the center. I have almost given up trying to see it clean.


New Job Working With Animals

So The reason why I have yet to really post on here is that I have recently started school and have gotten a new job. As you know we have moved and with The Captain as the only one working I needed a job and fast.

Lucky for me I got a job at a Vet Clinic, I get to work with a majority of different animals and I squee with glee at seeing the cute faces that I come across.

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