The Youngest

Age: 5 Months
Sex: female
Weight: 25 pounds
Breed: Border Collie Labrador Mix


Aurelian (Auri for short) is the youngest of the Bunch. She still has that puppy energy, which mommy and daddy try to wear out before bed time. Auri loves to chew everything in her path so footwear, wires and furniture needs to be protected around her.


Auri does not have long hair like Tesla so so does not require as much grooming. She has been healthy since we have gotten her and hopefully it stays that way for a long time.  

Aurelian & Siblings

Auri likes to think she gets a long with everyone, but is quickly starting to learn that she is the low on the totem pole. Mordechai tolerates her, Tesla will play with her and Cheeto tries to bully her. We shall see how this all plays out!