The Rambunctious one

Age: 11 months
Sex: female
Weight: 7 pounds
Breed: Long Haired Tabby Mix


Cheeto is Daddy’s little girl all the way. If she sees him she purrs even from across the room. Playful and full of energy this little spitfire does not let anyone boss her around. Cheeto is adventurous and will try to go outside and explore if we don’t keep constant watch when the door is open. Although, not as graceful as Mordechai she can run fast.

Health and Grooming

Cheeto is a neat freak. She constantly tries to bury anything she thinks is dirty. Mommy is constantly having to shoo her away from food plates because she does this even when mommy is still eating.

Cheeto and her Siblings

Cheeto loves to play with Mordechai and Tesla, but has gotten jealous now that she is no longer the baby and does try to bully Auri a bit. Her most common companion is Mordechai. She has gotten much better to having Auri around and we are hoping she opens up more to the puppy.