Auri Update

Auri Update


So, Auri has pretty much settled right in here at the household. Tesla and her play a lot which I love. At 16 weeks she has received the last of her puppy shots and now can be fully introduced into society.  She is scheduled for a spay in March, so crossing my fingers for that. So far the only places she has been to is the vet so we are going to try to make sure she knows that car rides do not always mean shots and stuff in the butt.

Telsa and Auri get along well. They play almost constantly which is great. Cheeto and Mordechai don’t really like the puppy energy and are waiting for it to die down. She has a long way to go as far as potty training is concerned, and we are trying to teach her not to jump and lick people to death.

Other than that, it’s going pretty smoothly!


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