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The Cuddle Bear

DOB: May 5th 2012
Sex: Female
Weight: 37 Pounds
Breed: Wheaten Terrier Mix


While being a total cuddle bug, she loves to play more than anything. Her favorite games are Tug of War, and Keep away. Her stamina is not the best but her adorable personality and ambition for play more than makes up for it


Tesla hates baths, but she behaves at the groomers. She gets groomed every couple of months and looks like a brand new dog after.

We learned at a very young age, with Tesla that she suffers from a variety of allergies. She cannot eat any poultry

Tesla and Siblings

Tesla has two cat siblings whom she adores. Her eldest sibling Mordechai, does not play as much as she likes, but she does not mind. Cheeto on the other hand loves playing and Usually takes Tesla on a wild goose chase. Auri is a bit hyper with Tesla because of her puppy energy, but Tesla is learning how to play with Auri