Hello There!

Just wanted to introduce Ourselves. My name is Kimberly and I have two adorable reasons for making this blog.

My first reason is my cat Mordechai.

2011-12-31_1325369052Yes, Yes his name is Mordechai, why did I name him Mordechai, well I didn’t my husband actually did. He is a sweet Tabby that unfortunately has had a couple of health problems in his short life. Mordechai is 5 years old. He’s interests are; going into places he is not allowed like the Fridge and under the sink, cleaning himself, and chasing after my hair ties.


My other reason is my Wheaton Terrier Tesla


We rescued her from the Carson Shelter and have not regretted this once. Her nickname is Tesla Bear, not quite sure why. Tesla is 4 years old and a little overweight (shh… Don’t tell her I told you that!). She is the apple of my husband’s eye, so much so that I think he loves her more than me. Her hobbies include; destroying every single toy we buy her, taking up the entire bed when sleeping and barking at delivery men


So I am not quite sure when I will be updating this, I’m looking at once a week and plan on doing reviews for pet products as well as give a little look into the life of Tesla and Mordechai.

Take Care!


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